Ella Mežule Emerging artist

About the artist

Ella Mežule (born 1991) studied art for more than 9 years. Finished Janis Rozentāls Riga Art highschool in sculpture field, after that she went to Art Academy of Latvia and finished painting department (BA) and currently studying painting in the same Academy (MA). She have studied also in Ireland - National College of Art and Design and in Italy - Accademia di Belle Arte di Napoli. In creative field she uses different media, but mostly concentrating on philosophical questions asked through painting. She has participated in many group exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia. Also have made several solo exhibitions. Works are in many private collections in Latvia, Italy, USA, Ireland, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. She got award - Brederlo von Sengbusch art premium 2016 and in 2017 Valdemārs Tone Scholarship. In summer of 2017 she did a project, commissioned by Riga city council covering kindergarden walls with murals.
Nearby Road  
Hot legs. Pilgrim  
Our Feet are Seeds  
Mr Flamingo Legs and Tuutiki  
Trail One Lives Through and Sometimes Around  
Stone Moss Human  
Surely No Time, There is No Lack of Time  
Everything that is in Your hands is in Careful hands  
It's About to Happen  
Ones Loneliness is Not Alone  
Slightly Warm Morning Coffee, a Few Notes, a Few Pages of Other Notes Instead of Newspaper  
Our Willow Tree  
Morning we carry