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Impact and Observation: Expression Hidden in Materials, 2017


Visual research of different materials, video material, photo prints, objects

Dimensions variable

This experimental research (or experiment of research) presents a practice of material science fiction which focuses on visual forms created by non-human thinking. Using a method which is reverse then in conventional design process, this project shifts attention from problem solving tocuriosity based research of a particular material or phenomenon and then speculates where it couldlead. Refusing to project one’s intentions on the chosen materials and avoiding any specificpractical purpose main goal of the practitioner becomes observing, exploring and understanding theworld of materials from visual approach and creating an inspirational medium for other creators. Inother words, this research highlights not scientific but aesthetic parameters of materials.

Other works from the series:


Juste Linkute. 2017. Video material, made from different waste materials and magnets

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