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NOAR is a regional platform for contemporary art where you will find everything you need to know about Nordic and Baltic art scene. Our virtual gallery showcases more than 6000 curated examples of regional composition, available for purchase for both living or office spaces. NOAR also delivers updated information about the best exhibitions in the area and updated articles about contemporary art scene. provides a curated selection of contemporary professional artists from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. We are constantly updating our collection of more than 6000 pieces by 500 artists including already well known artists but also new recognized talent.  You are welcome to browse the artworks by category or tag, view it on virtual wall and save favourites into your personal gallery.

When you have selected your desired artwork, you are welcome to ask for an appointment in NOAR Tallinn office to meet your new piece of art in person. Otherwise, please consider 14 office days for delivery in Estonia and Finland. For other countries, the fastest delivery option is agreed personally.


(R)estart Reality

In 2018. NOAR lead a unique and innovative art project as part of Estonian 100th anniversary program intended to introduce Estonian culture internationally. The renowed mysterious street artist Edward von Lõngus whose identity is secret to this day, also known as Estonian Banksy, initiated a number of street art projects in the streets of 13 European capitals in the darkness of the night. The works were supported by a digital solution that enabled the characters to come alive with the help of a smartphone. The project was noted  by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a cultural prize.

We are grateful to all our partners in Estonia and abroad who have contributed to establish and maintain NOAR as the main platform for contemporary art in Baltic and Nordic region. To implement our initiatives, we work closely with many partners such as Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (EKKAK), Estonian Artists’ Association, Estonian Painters’ Union, Tartu Art House, KUMU, Tallinn Art Hall, FOKU, Vaba Lava and several art institutions and galleries all over Baltic and Nordic countries.


Enterprise Estonia supports the development of contemporary art platform with 67 620, 36 euros from the infrastructure development and technological capability development measure.



Andra Orn, founder 

Andra, the founder and leading curator of NOAR,  has been active in the local and international art world for over ten years, resulting in a wide network of artists and relevant partners – institutions, associations, universities – in the Baltic and the Nordic countries. Andra has led internationally significant art events such as Tallinn Art Week and Edward von Lõngus’s Restart Reality digital street art project in 11 European cities, Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Award, Smarten City space project and mural projects in Ülemiste district. Among other things, Andra has written articles for culture magazine Sirp and Focus section at, compiled art books (in Pärnu Estonian Art) and curated several exhibitions.

Andra has studied Journalism and Communication at the University of Tartu and is currently writing a Master’s thesis in Cultural Theory and Philosophy at Tallinn University.


Egle Loor, Communication Coordinator

Egle is responsible of  NOAR’s communication activities by organising events, coordinating content creation and media relations, writing articles, compiling newsletters and managing social media. She has a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management from TalTech. Egle has been active in the field of communication for more than 15 years, focusing on cultural projects such as Tallinn Fashion Week, World Cleanup Day, Spring Exhibition 2019 in the last years.

Kadri Uus, Co-founder and Art Project manager

Although Kadri is on parental leave at the moment, she willingly contributes to NOAR think tanks. She has extensive experience in international projects focused on user-centered innovation and information technology, and experiences in preparing and managing projects supported by Estonia and the European Union. Under the leadership of Kadri, the (R)estart Reality project by Edward von Lõngus, awarded with Foreign Ministry’s Cultural Prize in 2018, was implemented. Kadri holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Studies from the University of Warwick,  a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Tartu and she is pursuing a PhD in Tallinn University of Technology.

Triinu Soikmets, Co-Author

Triinu is a freelance curator and writer focusing on visual culture and its socio-psychological context. These topics are also her focus in creating articles for NOAR. She has worked as a developer, marketer, assistant at psychiatric clinic and a gallerist, volunteering in both cultural and social fields, and currently acts as a board member of NGO Dragon and Dolphin. Triinu has studied philosophy and marketing communication at the University of Tartu, art at the Estonian Academy of Arts and literature at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, visual arts therapies at Tallinn University. In addition, she has taken courses in painting, drawing and ceramics.

Kadri Allaste, Moderator of Exhibition Calendar

Kadri joined the team of NOAR in the spring of 2019 and worked on Spring Exhibition 2019, now she is  assisting on the Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Award project. She also makes sure that all relevant exhibitions from Baltic and Nordic countries are featured on exhibition calendar published at Kadri has been involved in several marketing projects and events, and has studied media, communications and project management.