Kati Saarits & Nora Mertes “Chatty Matter”

Curator Brigita ReinertIn the broadest sense, this exhibition looks at the material culture and the stories, meanings, and transformations that lie in it. There has been a long tradition in … READ NOW

Urmas Lüüs “Mortal Kombat 2: afterglow”

Urmas Lüüs: “When my exhibition Mortal Kombat: LOVE (HOP gallery, 2016) dealt with the more tempestuous aspects of the emotional experience of ending a relationship, then Mortal Kombat 2: afterglow … READ NOW

Tiiu Rebane “Atlas”

Tiiu Rebane exhibits her newest works of painting that according to the artist express the painter's view to the present era.She has been participating in exhibitions since 1994 when she … READ NOW

Noora Nio-Juss. Covered

“Is it possible to take cover in a society where anonymity no longer exists and our insides are laid bare for all to see?” asks Finnish artist Noora Nio-JussNoora Nio-Juss … READ NOW

Liina Siib. Politics of Paradise

Liina Siib is known for her photography, video and installation works based on extensive research, archive material, interviews and collaborations. Recent exhibitions include Riga Biennial 2018 and Galleria Sinne, Helsinki.Her … READ NOW

Taavi Suisalu. Light Between the Oceans

Taavi Suisalu exhibition “Ocean Botlights” tackles the relationship between people and technology, here explores light – simultaneously a giver of life and a conveyer of information, spreading out in a … READ NOW

Among Ourselves. Woman Portraying a Woman

Tartu Art Museum exhibition “Among Ourselves. Woman Portraying a Woman” brings together less known art works from ten private collections and various museums. The exhibition focuses on if and how … READ NOW

Gift card

Access art!Choosing a piece of art for a friend can be a challenge. If you would like your friend to be the one doing the selection, you could purchase a … READ NOW