NOAR Nordic Baltic Art

Kristine Martinova Emerging artist

About the artist

Kristine Martinova's graduation work "Shelf of Secret" is a triptych, that technically is made by the diorama principle and is resolved as a shelf model. This idea is based on three thematic stories – “The Everyday Life”, “Cosmos” and “Nightlife”,- each signify a glimpse of movement in the world of characters. The portrayals are the same size- 50 x 70 x 18 cm. Compositions are made from cut forms of plywood applied with painted textile, that embodies an element of the illustration. These pieces are arranged in a designed layout, noting the structure of the composition and portraying the depth of a room. The main goal of this work is to portray a mysterious World, making the spectators imagine a life in another reality. It also hints at the human characteristics and its weaknesses.