NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Agnė Masilionytė

I am an artist from Lithuania, born in 1998, in Panevėžys, currently living in Vilnius. I graduated from music school, 2016 – 2020 I was studying Photography and Media Art at Vilnius Academy of Arts. I am interested in concepts based on our culture and environment, I seek to document how the perception of images changes with the development of technology and the mixing of the physical and virtual worlds. I am also interested in collective memory, working with archival material and appropriation.

I participated in a group exhibition ,,Is she coming?” (liet. ar ji ateina?) as well as in few other group exhibitions, mentioned in my cv-portfolio.

Jaunųjų menininkių paroda „Ar ji ateina?“ KKKC Parodų rūmuose

I am seeking for new experiences after graduation, so from September I am going to 6 months internship at Klaus Weber studio in Berlin.