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Andres Tolts

Andres Tolts (1949-2014) was a painter and printmaker, who attracted wide attention in the art world already in 1960s, becoming one of the leading young avant-garde artists in Estonia. He was a founder of the well-known pop art group SOUP’69 together with Leonhard Lapin and Ando Keskküla (the group´s name was derived from Andy Warhol´s famous soup can series).

Tolts has often been referred to as the only real Estonian pop artist, as he skillfully used the visual information from the surrounding world as a raw material to be interpreted in his oeuvre.  From the earlier period, collages and experimentation with form was what Tolts was best known for.

As the artist matured, he turned to a more conventional format of painting but never gave up his playful author´s position. The topics that he dealt with in his paintings often brought together triviality (using cheap materials, reproduction of a postcard) as well as certain ethichal and aesthetical stances.

Prizes: Konrad Mägi Prize (2009), Annual Prize of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (2003), Kristjan Raud Prize (2000), United Nations Development Programme Art Prize (1996), Annual Painter Award of the Estonian Artists’ Association, (1980, 1984), etc.

Works in collections: The Art Museum of Estonia, Tartu Art Museum, Eesti Pank, Emil Cederkreutz Museum (Finland), Schwerin Art Museum Kunstimuuseum (Germany), and many more.

Sources: Estonian Institute, ERR