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Andrus Joonas

Andrus Joonas (born 1970) is a painter, performance and installation artist. He has graduated from Academia Grata of the Estonian Academy of Arts and later acted as a lecturer in both Academia Grata and Academia Non Grata.

Joonas holds a firm place among those creators that powerfully cultivate the mystical and romantic myth of an artist. His life as an artist includes epiphanous moments of inspiration, tumultuous decisions, works burned in fits of depression, and pictures painted from visions.

Joonas´s comment on his creative output is that “The Answer is Aledoia” – a word from the artist’s own mythology that was initially associated with a series of flower paintings, but later extended to his entire body of work.

Works in collections: Art Museum of Estonia, Tartu Art Museum, the Museum of New Art in Pärnu, the City of Pärnu; many private collections in Estonia and in Europe.


Aledoia. The Heart Song  


Aledoia. Mindsurfer  
Aledoia. TUISKISH