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Anna Kõuhkna

Anna Kõuhkna (born 1994) is a freelance artist, painter, photographer, illustrator and lives in Tallinn. She has graduated from Baltic Film and Media school with an art teachers BA (2017) and has studied in Tartu Higher Art shool (2014-2015) in the field of leather studies. Kõuhkna works as an art teacher in Gaia School (2017-…) and teaches art courses in Jakob Westholm High school for upper secondary school students. The young artists first personal exhibition was in the yaer 2016 in Tallinn University Mare building and it was called “HAZE”. By now the artist has had five personal exhibitions including photo- and painting series. Kõuhkna has also done different book illustrations and photographed for various projects.


Let go let go let go  
At Saaremaa