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Anne Daniela Rodgers

Anne Daniela Rodgers (b. 1975) studied at and graduated Faculty of Scupture at Estonian Academy of Arts (bak) in 1997 and continued with her master’s studies at Faculty of Interdisciplinary Arts. She has shown her works in group exhibitions since 1996 and has held several solo exhibitions since 2006. She has cooperated with Laurentsius and Paul Rodgers and has been exhibited at the Riga Sculpture Quadrennial (2004) and the Beijing Biennale (2005). After the period of creating (self)analytical installations, she has time and again returned and stayed with her favorite subject – Still Lifes. Her lyrical paintings are dedicated to seeking for silence and beauty. "I like that the term Still Life contains the words stillness (silence) and life, because when painting a Still Life, I try to create the time and space of their own, just as it would be like a window to another realm - it has its own frozen time, its own doubts and clarity. I don't want to miss the moments when I feel the inevitability of the passing time and my own partiality in it. For me, painting is the best mean to store those moments, enjoy and then again, leave them behind.”


Substandard Melons