NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Edward von Lõngus

Edward von Lõngus is a fictional character, an informational being, emerged from the informationally nutritious cultural environment of the digital age. There is no single physical body. There are only ideas. He is a collection of thoughts in the datasphere. A computer virus outside of computers, spreading from brain to brain through his creation.

His works can be found all accross the streets of Estonia. He has been exhibited in the Art Museum of Estonia, published in National Geographic magazine, in many Estonian newspapers, magazines and tv-channels. His actions have met both fierce condenment and praise by the online audience. He has been chased by the police and also named artist of the year by his home town Tartu. Some of his works have been vandalized or buffed by the authorities, some of them have sold in auctions at record prizes. Some call him "Estonian Banksy", others have promised to kick his ass when they find him.

Street Art

Pot smokers  
Saturn eats a burqa  
Welcome to Estonia  
Ordered online  
The Naked Emperor  
This is Not Deep  
Koidula ja Tammsaare  
Cannabeard & Witch Hunter  
there it is, this vargamäe  
Many faces of President Päts  
Die, dog  
Kalevipoeg 3.0  
LAN party  
Püha õhtulöömaaeg  
Forest for the State!  
Hedgehog in the fog  
Rain dance  
Dance of Death with Endel aka Endel with a stick  
"Dance of Death with a log" aka "Stick Dance is Estonian style"  
Follow the money  


Do electric sheep dream ...  
Dance of Death with Endel aka Endel with a stick  


Still Life with a Balloon & Stuffed Toad  


Riga: Dance of Death goes shopping  
Paris: Dance of Death with gasoline hose  
Paris: Dance of Death escapes from painting  
Berlin Teufelsberg making of  
Ats & Pets  
Hedgehog at Copenhagen  
Püha löömaaeg  
Maali at Copenhagen  
Liisu, the inventor  
Maali the spinner in Rome  
Edward von Lõngus