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Einar Vene

Einar Vene (born 1952) has graduated from the Estonian State Art Institute as a painter-pedagogical specialist (1984) and Tallinn Polytechnical School as a specialist of operating computing machines. He started participating in exhibitions in 1978. In addition to Estonia, Vene´s works have been exhibited in Finland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Russia,

Einar Vene`s style is rare and immediately recognizable in Estonian art, but if one wishes to enter into the artists´s game and be part of it, it would be good to have at least some knowledge about Christian symbolism and world mythology, a short course on the topic of dream symbolism wouldn´t be bad either. The paintings are eye-catching and induce an interest both with their philosophical allusions, fairy-tale-like reality as well as elegant costumes and fantasy-filled, meaningful details reminiscent of the heritage of Quattrecento.*

*Juta Kivimäe, Kultuur ja Elu, 2012


Two Swans