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Eleriin Ello

Eleriin Ello (b. 1984 in Tallinn) is a freelance painter, who lives and works in Tallinn. She graduated with a BA in print graphics (2007) and an MA in painting (2010) from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Eleriin Ello has participated in exhibitions since 2008. Her work has been awarded with the Young Painter Prize of the Baltic States (3rd place, 2012) and Sadolin Art Award in 2016. She also works with illustrations.

Ello’s poetical style has a dream-like effect. With an aim to create intimate atmospheres and certain harmonious states of being, the artist mainly focuses on depicting different manifestations of nature and light. Ello’s painting style is basically realistic, and more recently inclined toward abstractionism.


No. 3  
In The Morning