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Erki Kasemets

Erki Kasemets (born 1969 in Tallinn) himself has divided his creative activities into four categories: 1) documenting his private life, 2) polygon theatre, 3) trash art, and 4) group Liquid, magazine Liquid and performances. To these divisions he has added a postscript of keywords: machines, kinetic art, games and inventing rules for games, sociological research and the art of theatre.(1) Although this list could be compiled without too much effort by any bystander familiar with his work, we should nevertheless thank the artist for listing his preferences like this, which show the importance he places on various aspects of his work. This may sound a bit feeble, but if anyone is qualified to systematise the activities of Erki Kasemets, it is the artist himself. Anyone else would need to be even more systematic than Kasemets.*

*Excerpt from Ave Randviir´s essay in the collection “Artists of Estonia 3” (Tallinn: Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia, 2007).



Tallinn Twin Towers  
Karl Marx and Koala  


Life-File / Tallinn 2018