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Grisli Soppe-Kahar Emerging artist

Grisli Soppe-Kahar (born 1990 in Tallinn) is a young artist who completed her studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts with a Master´s Degree in the field of Painting in 2016. In addition to painting, Soppe has also participated in performances.

Grisli Soppe-Kahar is currently one of the most powerful Expressionists in Estonian art. The brush strokes of her large format works are always forceful but their tonality has lately become increasingly muted. This, however, does not seem to point to negative undertones. The grotesque beings seem to be participating in some ritual or a game but the precise nature of this activity remains hermetically sealed. At the same time it cannot be completely ruled out that the absurdity on the canvases does not hide a silent cry for help.


Bouquet of eros  
Metropolis, Based On the Painting by Johannes Saal I  
Metropolis, Based On the Painting by Johannes Saal II  
Girl in blue skirtfriend of Nature Conservationist  
Stature in Time ajas l  
Statue in Time ll