NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Henrik Rakitin Emerging artist

Henrik Rakitin (b 1993) is a multidisciplinary artist from Tallinn, whose work is driven by the capitalistic contemporary lifestyle that we’ve all kept in and sculpted by. He sometimes uses the term “Stockholm syndrome” to describe the condition and general idea of his work- he enjoys Coca-cola, but acknowledges the cause and effect, hating it at the same time, being imprisoned by uncomprehensible behaviour. In his body of work, there´s a lot of stimulation, like a drug, the ideas and symbols put into one general monstrous act of art, pushing it over the edge and top.
Henrik Rakitin is also releasing music under the pseudonym “San Hani ” (or Sun Honey); he has published 2 albums (“Sandisk” 2015 and “Solaris” 2016).


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