NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Jussi Nykänen Emerging artist

Jussi Nykänen is studying in printmaking department in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. He typically applies methods from printmaking, drawing and sculpture in his practice. In recent years,  he has done solitary, ritualistic performances in the wilderness. As an artist, he has tried to emphasize the inseparability of the human and nature, as well as the significance of cultural diversity. His thesis work consists of a series of portable and wearable sculptures as well as ink drawings illustrating their use. He has picked up the materials for the sculptures during his walks on waterfronts, wastelands and clear-felled areas. Pieces of driftwood and metal as well as other found materials have been made into masks, gloves, shields and covers in his studio. Jussi Nykänen’s sculptures are not only independent works, they also function as parts of a performance. His thesis work examines metamorphosis. The carrying of decomposing natural materials is set in parallel with a shamanistic and post-humanistic metamorphosis. He has been a member of The Association of Finnish Printmakers since 2011. His works has been in exhibitions in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, UK, Portugal, Czech Republic and South Korea. His latest works are currently shown in Kuvan Kevät master degree show in Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki. His works have been acquired in collections of Finnish National Gallery Kiasma, South Karelia Art Museum, Imatra Art Museum, Douro Art Center and Kaliningrad Art Gallery.






Queen of Cranes