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Katrin Piile

Katrin Piile (born 1987) is a painter, performance artist and a penciler. Piile graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2010 and is a member of Metropol artist commune in Tallinn, hosting a number of intriguing contemporary artists from Estonia and elsewhere. Katrin Piile's paintings can be characterized has scenic and emotional trickster-kind of hyperrealism. Precision in details, time consuming works with certain drama, which could be associated with comic culture influence.

Noteworthy personal exhibitions: "Kata & Laurentsius. Anatomic Affects" in Haus Gallery (2018, with Lauri Sillak), "Auxiliary Wheels" in Pärnu Artist House gallery (2012), "Jonathan Krani" Artcontainer gallery in Polymer Culture Factory (2011, with Johanna Sipilä), "Horror in a can" in the same place (2008, with Remo Randver). Selected collective exhibitions: "Estomania II" in Huuto Gallery Helsinki (2013, curated by Johanna Sipilä), "Collection of Desires. Privatized Art" in The Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia (2012, curated by Anders Härm), "Painting in Process" in Kumu Art Museum (2010, curated by Eha Komissarov), "Animal Collective" in Tallinn Art Hall (2009, curated by Sandra Jõgeva), "New York Blood C.N.O.P.T" Grace Exhibition Space in New York (2007).

As a performance artist Piile has, as a solo artist and member of Non Grata and C.N.O.P.T. artist groups, taken part in shows in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, New York, Kentucky and Berlin. She has been in Grace Exhibition Space performance-residency in New York (2007). Katrin Piile lives and works in Tallinn and in Edmonton, Canada.



Sculptor Modelling A Portrait of Me  
Black square  


Happy Bone on a red handkerchief Nr. 2  
In Prison  
Happy Bone Nr. 4  
Happy Bone Nr. 3  
Happy Bone Nr. 1  
Happy Bone Nr. 2  
Happy Bone on a red handkerchief Nr. 1