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Katrin Valgemäe

Katrin Valgemäe (born 1979) is a freelance artist living and working in Tallinn. Valgemäe has studied painting and ceramics at Estonian Academy of Arts and furthered her skills at the painting department of Art Academy of Latvia. Valgemäe’s works are somehow irrational, not in technique, but in some psychological way. At first sight, they are beautiful, decorative and well painted. But after a while, more layers reveal the intriguing underlying storylines. The depicted figures are often classically painted beautiful women, who simultaneously express menacing grotesqueness. The technical sensuousness of the figures keeps the viewer on the fine line between attraction and repulsion.


Orange - Pop  
Woman m2  
Once in the 80s  
John Currin loves me, loves me not...  


Red Back  
Blue Gloves  
Blue Glove