NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Kristel Kütt

Cristelll is an artist born & studied in Tallinn, Estonia who’s in constant search of something. Whether it’s happiness, beauty, meaning, joy, emotion or some other rational or irrational thing, the result tends to find itself occasionally in a bizarre creation where different odd materials encounter. It’s the intuitive journey to compose on canvas. Cristelll highly values the reuse of scrap in her paintings. The base of Cristelll’s paintings is always acrylics and the materials used vary from cinnamon, vax, stones, ready-made to scrap metal, jewellery pieces & dried organic findings. Cristelll has studied in Estonian Academy of Arts. Her works can be found in Estonian Academy of Arts’ Fund, gallery Mandalianpaillard in Paris and in private collections. She has taken part in several joint & private exhibitions incl MONA in Pärnu/Estonia and Haus Gallery in Tallinn. 


Pearlcloud's Park