NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


Laurentsius (Lauri Sillak; born 1969 in Kohtla-Järve) has been called a fetishistic aesthete when it comes to his art, as he approaches his subjects with extreme devotion. Academic painting meets pop art in Laurentsius´s works, often characterized by a masterful play with camp and kitsch, displaying also a touch of cynicism and a certain darkness. Laurentsius is fond of both church baroque as well as the 17th century Dutch school of painting.

In addition to extreme precision and focus on details, Laurentsius has always had a specific interest in frames. The work with massive, dominating frames embracing tiny, highly realistic oil paintings are one of the artist´s trademarks. In these works, the frame actually becomes more important than what´s inside.

Prizes: Kristjan Raud Art Prize (2014), Estonian Cultural Endowment Annual Award (2011), Konrad Mägi Prize (2009), Estonian Painters’ Association’s annual prize (1999), Vaal Gallery annual prize (1996)

Works in collections: The Art Museum of Estonia and Tartu Art Museum (Estonia); Turku Art Museum (Finland)