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Liis Koger

Liis Koger (born 1989 in Pärnu) is an Estonian painter and poet, interested in the healing effect of art and great culture in general. Liis has a Visual Arts degree in Painting from the University Of Tartu (2013). She minored in Theology and she was also enrolled in Psychology courses. After graduation she has launched her career as a freelance artist.

Liis has had personal exhibitions in Rome (Italy), curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, the 45th Venice biennale curator; Berlin (Germany); Milan (Italy); Lugano and Manno (Switzerland) and in many different locations all over Estonia, including repeated solo exhibitions at Haus Gallery and The National Library Of Estonia in Tallinn. She has participated in joint exhibitions and biennals in London, Luxembourg, Stockholm and Chisinau and the many exhibitions organised by Estonian Artists' Association and Estonian Painters' Association.

She has been enthusiastic to work on different art projects from the street art festival Message On The Wall in Estonia to DNA – European Project in Belgium, including the audio visual art performance Gamaheh Valem, directed by Sasha Pepeljajev. Liis' paintings are present in public spaces like The Parliament Of Estonia in Toompea, Tallinn, and The Institute Of Mathematical Statistics in Tartu.

Her works have been set up at different auctions, such as Bukowskis Market in Helsinki and Stockholm, and also for charity reasons, like the non-profit events organised by The British-Estonian Chamber Of Commerce. Her paintings have been reproduced in magazines like HESA Inprint in Finland and Akadeemia in Estonia and have been used in designs like Ensemble Resonabilis LP North Wind, South Wind longplayer. Her works can be found in galleries and private collections in England, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland. Liis has also published three poetry collections, all in Estonian.  


New Year's Eve Dance  
Forest Through Red Sunlight  
Dancing In Childhood Dreams  
Things Are Changing. Not Now, But Constantly  
New World Gates  
Dance Me To The Sky  
The Flower Of Life  
When Moses Saw A Burning Bush, Was There Pink Supermoon??  
Mother Earth Is Watching You  
Touching The Ground (Might Be More Important Than Touching The Sky)  
Goat In Woods Where It Just Started Snowing  
Strawberries Flying From Fields  
Momentum Volare  
Man Carrying a Child