NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Liva Blumfelde Emerging artist

All her studies have been related with fine arts or art teaching to children. Shes believes that in every area of human activity we can add something from art. Since now she has been studying in four different universities and she hopes to continue master study at Art Academy of Latvia, painting department. Academy offers knowledge and skills to anyone interested in becoming an independent and accomplished artist. At the moment she feels that study programs became more contemporary and variable. Most success doing, for example painting, she feels when it’s connected with other media or it’s a part of something bigger. Such as wall - paintings in a public space, also doing rehabilitations of old decorative paintings. Latest projects in this theme are wall painting of a blazonry of Latvia County in Old Riga, Jekaba Barracks and rehabilitation paintings in Dobele Music school interior, which was a great experience more for practical knowledge. She is also doing art teaching in summer campus, which again gives an artistic look to the life, all the time being in study process. Important exibition for her was at Kuldiga, in exhibition “Here and there” an international group of artists thematises the creation and exhibition of artworks. Currently anything can become or can be reworked in a work of art. It gave a belief for herself, these thing she always needs to refresh. And also competition organised by Latvia Loto in Art Academy of Latvia, had chosen her painting as one for making lottery ticket design. She still needs assuredness to make a larger personal exhibition, but time will show. At the moment she enjoys process in art and in other disciplines, as same as a process of movement as it self.


Green Landscape  
The Dam  
Cinque Terre  


Tapis de Noix