NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Madara Kvēpa Emerging artist

Madara Kvēpa considers herself very lucky to be a part of the painting department of the Art Academy of Latvia. Looking upon her studies so far, with each passing year she feels more stronger urge to surpass the traditional “oil on canvas” stereotype about painting. She truly believes that painting is a state of mind that an artist can have, not just a physical medium. She has been participating in exhibitions since 2016; hosted her first solo-exhibition “INTUERI” at 2017. In 2018 she received a grant from the Grand Poet Hotel (part of the Semarah hotels chain) and hosted her exhibition “Phenomenon” there. Her painting “A scream of sun in the city” is now a part of their art collection, and is currently displayed in the hotel. The fashion magazine “L’Officiel Baltics” did an article about her regarding this exhibition. In the same year she participated in the project “Sound needs art”; hosted by “Mākslai Vajag Telpu”-one of the most important local art-supporting foundations in Latvia. During this project she had to collaborate with a famous latvian musician Intars Busulis. This opportunity fulfilled her desire to expand her works beyond the frame of a painting in the form of an audio-visual installation. In 2019 she continued her studies abroad in one of the most prestigious art academies in Italy – the Academy of Fine Arts Brera (ERASMUS+ programme). During my stay there she tried her chances in digital video and various printmaking techniques. In 2019 she had an exhibition “Color memory” in Latvia, Talsi hosted by the same foundation “Mākslai Vajag Telpu”. 


Sprezzatura. I  
Sprezzatura. IV  
Sprezzatura. II  


Sprezzatura. Fossils of the studio