NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Mark Antonius Puhkan

Mark Antonius Puhkan (born 1994 in Tallinn) is currently studying printmaking at the  Estonian Academy of Arts as a 3rd year bachelor student. He has participated in exhibitions like “Trash2” at Tallinn gallery,  Tallinn drawing triennial “Black and White” and Baltic biennial of graphic arts in Kaliningrad. He is currently working on two publishing projects for a colouring book and comics. He is also represented in the “I2 Illustrators vol.2” catalogue of young Estonian illustrators.

While Puhkan is working mainly in various printmaking and drawing techniques, he also does sculptures and biological landart installations. As an artist, he is mainly focused on subjects such as being an human and relations between a man and surrounding nature, handling  different ways and possibilities of human reception in his works.


Black and White 1  
Black and White 2  
Black and White 3