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Mirjam Hinn

Mirjam Hinn (born 1990) is a freelance painter who lives and works in Tartu. She graduated from the  University of Tartu, MA (2018) Department of Painting and Tartu Higher Art School (2014). Art studies began in 2010 at Tartu Art School. She has had seven personal exhibitions, mainly in Tartu, and has participated in numerous joint exhibitions since 2011 in Estonia and Finland.

For a long time, she has been attracted to bright colors and taking paintings in there primary parts, toward deconstruction. Although the artist’s language has changed considerably in few years, her color palette has remained. Unearthly artificial shades, which are almost luminous, have become the bearing part of her works. Hinn uses brush strokes as a central image of the painting. The latest creation focuses on the phenomena of sound and light, and her personal interpretation on it.

Although the paintings are abstract in shape, the dynamics in paintings present to the viewers exciting solution of the laws of nature and human nature. Hinn’s works are in several Estonian private collections. Member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and nominee of Akzo Nobel Art Prize (former Sadolin Art Prize) in 2018.



Solidified Sounds VI  
Solidified Sounds V