NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Nele Tiidelepp

Nele Tiidelepp (1998) is an Estonian sculptor. She obtained a master’s degree from the Department of Installation and Sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts (2020). Her artistic practice is driven by the spontaneous reactions of the environment and (sculptural) materials. Due to her background in theatre and literature her works often feature poetics, literary elements and storytelling: the tangible material becomes a character in the vast narrative of spatial composition. She was the curator and participant in the group exhibition That Blue House on Baer Street in an apartment at 5 Baer Street in Tartu (2021), held a solo exhibition  Her at the Vent Space project space (2020) and also participated in the group exhibition Skulpakuu II Part 2: Stationary Movement in Sous Échelle, Brussels (2020) and the joint exhibition with Johannes Luik, SIIL Prize at the Vent Space project space and Vitriinigalerii (2019).



(One and) Three Moments