Peeter Allik

About the artist

Without exaggeration, Peeter Allik (1966) can be considered to be one of the most original and daring painters and graphic artists on Estonia’s contemporary art scene. And he is not afraid to tread on society’s vulnerabilities or make fun of subjects that are not spoken about in polite company. He does not try to adjust his art to the expectations of the art world, but is wild, free and sharp-witted when it comes to his art, just like the brutal 90s which mark Peeter Allik’s creative apex. Allik has studied at the Tartu Art School (1983–1988) and the Tallinn Art University (1991-1992) and the Department of Painting at the University of Tartu, which he graduated from in 1993. Allik is one of the founders of the Kursi School (1988). He has received distinguished awards for his daring work: Ado Vabbe scholarship (1997); Konrad Mägi Prize (2001), Kristjan Raud Prize (2005), Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Prize, USA (2011); diploma from the 5th Rokycany Biennial in Graphic Arts (2011), and many others.

I saw that. The Truth Is Out There  
Our concept is the future  
Gobbling boy  
Erotic motif  
Eternal Social Practices  
How to Become Rich and Beautiful I  
How to Become Rich and Beautiful II  
How to Become Rich and Beautiful III  
At the Museum  
Konkreetsed lahendused  
Flags-Coats of arms  
Three lions