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Raoul Kurvitz

Raoul Kurvitz (born 1961) started his creative work after graduating from the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR (currently the Estonian Academy of Arts) in 1984, with a degree in architecture. In 1986, along with his classmate Urmas Muru, Kurvitz formed the Rühm T group. They were soon joined by the architect Peeter Pere and several other artists and creative people. Rühm T called their paintings Cold Expressionism, which lacked passion and were distanced, but were still interventionist. Criticism at that time primarily linked Rühm T’s activities with the concepts of Postmodernism, the Transavantgarde and “expressionist decadence.” 




Vool 06: Thousand Cafes at the End of The World  
Before a Dive  


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