NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Raul Rajangu

Raul Rajangu, aka Luminoso, called also the father of Estonian postmodern art, entered the international art scene in the late 80´s. He is equally perfect as a painter, performer, actionalist, creator of spatial & video installations, 3D aesthetician and transmedia activist. He is interested in all kinds of observables/appearances/splendours (cf. „Luminoso“ as Rajangu`s pseudonym). In his art/transformances he seems to be, consistently and somewhat paradoxically, guided by Oscar Wilde: “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible”. Nevertheless, Rajangu also – and even more comprehensively – fascinates the spectators with the invisible. Throughout his career, Rajangu has been keen to (re-)use – what a lovely Grünepunkt! -, twist, subvert, and of course mock and taunt all kinds of massive, total and fossilized ideological, aesthetical, moral, therapeutic and metaphysical schemes and systems, our entire strikingly paternalistic, sexist and misogynous digital prosumer-paranoia. Rajangu is a liminoid artist who constantly stands on the boundary between very many worlds, mediating between them. His works provide a meeting point for East and West, public and personal, sacred and profane, consciousness and non-consciousness, life and death. He lives in a lonely countryside in Estonia.


Absolute Coolness