Rūta Vadlugaitė Emerging artist

About the artist

Rūta Vadlugaitė (b. 1994) graduated in 2017 from Vilnius Academy of Arts with Bachelor's degree in painting. 

During her studies she was deeply interested in painting as a form of language: not as media for representing reality but as a way for understanding the possibilities of reality. She understood that for her painting seems to be abstract, an formless idea that she uses as a tool while trying to find the body. The body in this conception means the materialistic form of the idea.

Vadlugaitė received the Certificate of Appreciation for the Bachelor thesis "2016/2017" for metaphorical interpretation of painting. She participated in Art Fair ArtVilnius'17 with Contour Art Gallery. Vadlugaitė won the 1st place in the Žabolis Art Project competition in the section of painting.

Christmas Tree  
Untitled (ray)  
Time for Watching