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Sirje Petersen

Sirje Petersen (Protsin; born 1959 in Tartu) is an artist with a strong sense of the picturesque. Her self-confident and unconstrained style of painting gives away vast experience as a painter rooted in the historical Estonian Pallas school of painting from the beginning of the 20th century.

Searching for inspiration in nature and the world around us the creative work of Sirje Petersen is largely autobiographical, depicting a Woman who is searching for her place and finds in constantly changing. At the exhibition the artist displays her latest figure paintings where emotion and perception hold a prominent place.

Works in collections: Tartu Art Museum, The Museum of New Art in Pärnu, Supreme Court of Estonia, Tartu, Lüneburg City Hall (Germany), IBL State Art gallery (Port-Louis, Mauritius), private collections in various countries in Europe.


Emotion I  
Emotion II  
Emotion III  
A Hug  
A Dance