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Stanislav Netšvolodov

Stanislav Netchvolodov (born 1935 in Ukraine) is an Estonian sculptor, medal artist and painter.  Netchvolodov studied architecture at the Kiev Civil Engineers’ Institute (graduated in 1959) and has dealt with sculpture since 1962. He has made a significant number of bronze, wooden and other sculptures and medals, especially focused on memorial themes dedicated to various people, such as Charles Darwin, Franz Kafka, Juri Lotman, Albrecht Durer, Ernst Hemigway, L. van Beethoven, Socrates etc. The 3.5 m high Socrates sculpture is erected in Wroclaw city. For the last decade author’s focus has been turned towards painting.

Stanislav Netchvolodov´s works have been exhibited in Estonia as well as abroad (in Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and Ukraine). His works also belong to the collections of Estonian Art Museum, St. Petersburg Hermitage, the Pushkin Museum of Figurative Arts in Moscow, the British Museum in London and Wroclaw Medal Museum. Stanislav Netchvolodov is a member of the Estonian Artists´ Union and F.I.D.E.M. Netchvolodov is a laureate of the A. Starkopf’s sculpture award (2002).


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