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Sten Eltermaa Emerging artist

Sten Eltermaa (1986) is an Estonian artist and scrivener with a plurality of interests. Among the topics, in the context of art, one can find the binarity of transparency/reflection, liminality, psychogeography, ideologies, architecture, city and urban planning, monumentality. As a material, glass is important.

Eltermaa was awarded with The Young Artist Prize by the Estonian Art Academy in 2020. Recent solo exhibitions include "Transparency Register" in Dragon’s gallery in 2020 in Tallinn and "Brussels prelude: The Liminal Zone" In Tartu Art Museum in 2017 in the context of Young Tartu.

Eltermaa has studied arts, philosophy and related subjects in Tartu, Tallinn, The Hague, Brussels and Porto.


Transparency Register