NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Tauno Ostra Emerging artist

Tauno Ostra is a first year MA student in the Estonian Art Academy in Graphic Art Department. The most important exhibitions for him are his solo exhibition “Identity” (in Haapsalu Linnagalerii and Võru Linnagalerii 2015/2016) and “Symmetry” (In Viljandi Linnagalerii 2017). Besides those, these group exhibitions are worth mentioning: Tallinn 5th International Drawing Triennial (2015 in Tallinn Art Hall & Viinistu Art Museum), Sprint Exhibition (2016, in Tallinn Art Hall), Baltic Drawing Biennial (in Imatra, Finland) and planned for 2017 is a mirror exhibition called Mirror Face To Face which is happening in Tallinn and Vicenza (ITA).


Like a Horse on Wheels  
I Still Believe in Anchors