NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Uku Sepsivart Emerging artist

Uku Sepsivart (born 1988) has obtained both his MA (2015) and BA degree (2009) from the department of sculpture and installation of Estonian Academy of Arts. In 2012 he started MA studies in the same department. During the studies Sepsivart has taken additional courses in Finland – in 2009 in Villu Jaanisoo’s studio and during 2013-2014 in Helsinki Art University. The artist has been taking part in several street-art festivals and has released a book about street-art together with Tõnis Palkov and Andres Siplane. In 2012, Uku Sepsivart was awarded the Young Artist Prize (by non-profit organization Noor Kunst and Estonian Academy of Arts).

The artist about his works: “Doing something. The need for creation. The urge for making. Are working and creating and crave to make natural parts of human existence? Even the master of ready-mades and laziness Marcel Duchamp was working in secret. Contemporary human is occupied by working as busy as a bee.
But what about the results of the actions, the resulting forms? Is there any importance?”