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Vano Allsalu

Vano Allsalu (born 1967 in Tartu) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts as a painter in 1991; worked as a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts 1990-1992; held the the Chair of Painting at the University of Tartu 1992-1996; acted as a project manager at Sally Art Studio and editor of the Estonian Art Portal KUNSTIKESKUS.EE 2001-2013. He is currently an Associate Professor in Estonian Academy of Arts (since 2011) and President of the Estonian Artists’ Association (since 2013).

Allsalu has described the situation into which he has positioned himself as a painter with the following remark: “There are only elusive, non-existent rules – and even those are just mine. This is a good feeling.” Art historian Eha Komissarov comments on Vano Allsalu´s works as follows “Already with his first paintings Allsalu introduced corrections into the principles of the Estonian school of painting and released the colour, as it were. His paintings are disharmoniously beautiful and offer untraditional colour compositions, which nevertheless are not difficult to accept by the viewer.”

Awards: State Cultural Grant (1994, 1996 and 2002), ES Sadolin Art Prize (1997), Estonian Cultural Endowment Annual Prize (2007)

Works in collections: The Art Museum of Estonia, Tartu Art Museum, Bank of Estonia, the National Library of Estonia, Sadolin, Swedbank and private collections in Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Canada and Australia.

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Truth and Justice  
Ode to Joy