NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

A Square, 2017


A flat-surfaced polyview painting (image made using the unique author’s technique) is located inside the two-coned sculptural object made from polyester resin and fiberglass.

A polyview painting is a depiction, which contains currently up to five recognizable merging anamorphic images in itself. The painting is created on a plane surface and is usually placed parallelly to the ground. Each anamorphic image can be discerned from a specific viewing point which is located on a precise spot in relation to the painting. One picture transforms into another if observed from a different angle.

Three different images overlap each other in this polyview painting. A path or a tunnel, which can be distinguished from one viewing point transforms into a hole in the ground if viewed from the opposite side.

The artwork is a part of the final thesis exposition titled The Other Side – Parallelly Existing, Slightly Shifted.

The outer form of the object originates from a deformed white cube figure.


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