NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Anonymous 1, 2019


acrylic on canvas

Series of paintings “Anonymous” include the theme of alienation and uncertainty. The paintings depict steamed window surface, it almost asks you – what would you like to write on it? Thus it indirectly draws parallels with the anonymity people indulge on urban walls and through internet environment. Technology has become the window and portal of our time. Depicted reflections of lamps in the paintings and the soundtrack of the exhibition is a metaphor for the presence of technology in present day. What people would like to see in this landscape? As a metaphor for alienation is used play of words, which includes words such as “nothing” and “unnamed artery”. “Unnamed artery” is really existing in human body and it has a function, thus it draws parallels with people comfort zone being anonymous. “Nothing” is the most anonymous word. Paintings were exhibited in graduation work exhibition of the Art academy of Latvia “Fresh meat for critique” in 2019. The exhibition design of “Anonymous” includes blue light instllation and soundtrack created by musician Bedless Bones.

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