NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Asukas, 2019


Stainless steel

Asukas (A Finnish word, which means ‘dweller’ in English) is a series of works developed following a common logic – it is a way to follow, record and address reflections of light formed as a result of interaction of architecture and light. The first version of Asukas was presented in a solo exhibition in 2018 which took place in Composers’ House in Vilnius, which was designed by Vytautas Čekanauskas one of the most prominent architects of Lithuanian late modernism who was fond of and inspired by Finnish architecture of his time. A second version of Asukas was presented at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius (designed by Čekanauskas as well) also as a solo exhibition and served as a final MA graduation piece. In the work of Beatričė Mockevičiūtė the architecture of late modernism as well as everything else which is raised above the surface becomes a stencil for light, which then is given an autonomy and a voice of its own. Recently, a third version of Asukas was presented in a group show floating on the surface of a bay in Velje Fjord, Denmark.

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