NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


Can we receive the Tree of life? The way to eternal life?, 2018

Oil on linen, Stones, VR-googles
NB! Installation consists of a painting (140x210) and a labyrinth of stones (400x400)

The artist´s comment on the artwork: "I have created a landscape of our world view, our history, present and future. It is a story of the Garden of Eden that is over 3000 years old. That asks us some of our deepest questions: What is life? How to develop and receive new knowledge? What happens when we receive new knowledge and take it into our lives and societies? Is it possible to obtain the tree of life which gives us eternal life? What will happen to us when we die? Throughout times, people have asked themselves these questions and today there are new movements, such as transhumanism, which believe in science and technology. Their goal is to develop the human species to an improved human and receive eternal life."

At first you will see a glowing painting and a pile of rocks. The closer you get, you notice the labyrinth of stones, spiral-like path leading towards painting. Reaching the central point of the spiral, you’ll find a pair of VR-googles waiting for you. When putting VR-googles on, you’re stepping into the Garden of Eden. Standing under The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil you can even reach to the Forbidden fruit. The stone spiral you’re standing in has taken the form of an enormous snake. The only way out is through the entrance you came in, though on the other side waits The Tree of Life with its guardians The Cherubim´s bearing their flaming swords. It’s as unreachable as in the biblical story, shining in all the sparkle and light.