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Christmas Tree, 2016


Oil on canvas

The work titled „Christmas tree“ is one of the most important paintings to the author – it helps her to understand and question the media: focusing on the idea which has a chance to get a shape of image but not the image itself as an idea. In this case, that idea came very naturally. Author used to cross Vilnius Cathedral Square, where decorated Christmas tree was blinking every day during winter. It is a pretty simple and banal image which creates magical euphoric mood. This mood was rippling and sparkling in the air like the lights on the Christmas tree. By simplifying that image and mood author was aiming to create a universal symbol that could have and not have a meaning at the same time – like a feeling, a color, the light and darkness, space – painting.

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Ruta Vadlugaite. Untitled. 2016. 65x81 cm. Oil on canvas


Untitled (ray). 2017. 57x73 cm. Oil on canvas


Time for Watching. 2016. 508x70 cm. Oil on canvas


Fish-headed. 2016. 45x488 cm. Oil on canvas

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