NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Code PULE, 2018


Oil on canvas

The artist´s comment on the artwork:
“The aim of the Bachelor project is to combine two aspects. The first is to create a composition of a visually abstract color space, where color is used as the main object and includes another meaning as accepted in modern society. The second is the text, a message encoded in colors to the viewer. The text used cited passages from the book. The text is in Latvian language. Its about how our mind is connected with our body and vice versa. It indicates that we can be happy when our closest ones are happy, that we can be healthy when our closest ones are healthy and we have to trust ourselves and our minds. We have to be thankful to the body that it serves us and is strong. Consequently, the viewer participates in the process of capturing work, creating new interpretations and images.”