NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Constellation, 2017


Mixed media

Dimensions variable

"Constellation" is created from seven groups of work, exposed in form of installation.
It was shown in Art Academy of Latvia  from 5th till 16th of June 2017.
On the dark floor the plinths were organized like abstract fractal, and groups of drawings and prints where placed on them.

The drawings steam from need to overwrite an image and make it new. It is an attempt to find a balance between information which image carries and material. Or an attempt to deny material in order to create something between object and image.

Other works from the installation:

laimdota 1

Laimdota Steke. Where the Needle Goes, the Thread Shall Follow. 2017. 21x29 cm. Pencil on tissue paper, print


Untitled. 2017. 24x31 cm. Pencil on stretched paper


Victor. 2016. 29x21 cm. Pencil on paper, print


White Room. 2016. 90x115 cm. Pencil on paper


Cradle Song Before Leaving. 2016. 21x29 cm. Pencil on paper

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Where the Needle Goes, the Thread Shall Follow  
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