NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


Dandruff, 2016


Bonus stickers, adhesive film, tape on plywood

A bonus sticker is the conceptual, as well as technical starting point of the “Dandruff”. Usually, stickers of this sort are issued by a variety of sales outlets (such as supermarkets, filling stations, etc.) and a set of them (about 10 to 40 pieces, attached to a collector’s card) gives one an opportunity to buy specific items with a discount.

At times, these stickers seduce us to acquire things whose necessity we wouldn’t otherwise even conceive. But generally, they only roam our wallets, pockets, bags and cars until turn into a trash; or, into the new painting, if the case is more fortunate. “Dandruff”, in a humorous way, tells about excessive shopping and other human weaknesses that often take over our intentions of being rational and consequent. In “Dandruff” the blockhouse becomes a symbol of such weaknesses.



Fragments of the artwork:


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