NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Detail, 2018

By Kiwa

Digital print, acrylic, paper Hahnemühle William Turner FineArt, Artglass UV WW 70% UV protection gallery glass

Might call an errorism of cyborg brainwaves. Partial erasure of operation diagrams, break-beat of decoded images, trust in noise, blind following of logics of text leading to meta-meanings and blanks are the main notions at operation. Nevertheless here the notion of psychedelic glitches comes to play both in itself, like a manifest Psychedelia as a critical cognitive technology oriented towards manipulating our pattern recognition into hallucinatory experience. From one side bringing back the human touch into anonymous data-flows and machine-like patterns by scratching them, these works pose a further philosophical question concerning normalcy – the problem really is if we can call the code of mechanistic pre-ordered world normal in itself or rather repressive.

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