NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Door, 2015

By Eleriin Ello

Oil and acrylic on canvas

This work of art was a part of a series of paintings displayed at Tallinn Art Hall Gallery on an exhibition called „Closer” (2015). A. Porri wrote about the exhibition: „At first glance, Ello seems to be painting ordinary views of nature and interiors, which are so reserved that you only notice them in a certain meditative moment. Luminous feelings reign in the paintings: support, fondness, tenderness, being together, growing closer, but also a necessary solitude. /…/ The feelings and mental state add a filter to the imitation; attention is focused on certain intimate shades in nature, resulting in an emotional hyperrealism. When formatting her contemplative view into a painting, Ello tries to strike a balance between realism and abstractionism.”

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