NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Dumpster Diving Rabbit, 2018


Digital HD video 10:00
NB! The artwork does not have fixed measurements 

3+1AP Dumpster Diving Video (10:00) is departing from an important example of political mythology connected with a history of the Leningrad Zoo, which claims that none of the animals was eaten during the severe times of hunger during the Leningrad Siege. To save the predators, the Zoo’s director invented a method how to trick the animals refusing to consume substitutive forage: he would stuff the rabbit’s skins with grass and sawdust adding a few drops of blood or bones stock. The artist was so astonished by the peremptoriness of the statement that the animals have been left intact in the city where people ate people, so she decided to interview the employees connected to the Leningrad Zoo in different times. Their answers affirming the continuous strength of political mythology and mixed with some official information about the death statistics in the Zoo during the Siege, she is using as a sound work.

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