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E18 error. Interlude, 2017


Glass box on post, bronze chess board.

‘E18 error’ was a notification of a flaw of digital Canon cameras, which distorts our conventional image of reality. This creates the need for an interlude, an intermezzo, which would fill the void created by a technical error. Instead of chess pieces, author uses bronze pieces made of chewed nail polish bottles. At first glance, they seem to be identical bronze bottles, but upon closer observation, they appear to be different, revealing nail scratches and tooth marks on the surface of the cap – markers of psychological strain. Author attempts to approach chess with personal compulsiveness as a dignified system with set rules that she remembers having known as a child, while by now, she has almost forgotten its manoeuvres. The pop style photographic enlargement of personally used bottles of black nail polish, collected over the years, is a technique she has used before in her work. Author will reintroduce it here as an expression of a personal neurotic dimension, an image of deadlock that takes over the game rules, so that it has so many options it cannot even begin.

Fragment of the work:


Silvia Sosaar. 2017. 8×40 cm. Bronze chess table with 32 figurines

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