NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


EXO x3M, 2016



EXO x3M is a series of 3D printed splints that improve the healing process of an injury. Injuries that people encounter during their lives affect their health in the present as well as in the future. It only takes four to six weeks to heal a broken bone. However, this short, but important time is usually remembered as uncomfortable and, of course, painful, with a long period of rehabilitation afterwards.

Nevertheless, it is possible to improve this experience by using an EXO splint. Its open and dismountable structure allows starting physiotherapy immediately, which significantly shortens healing time, and prevents post-traumatic complications, such as muscle atrophy or joint contracture. Since EXO splint is rapid-prototyped, it fits every patient perfectly, and can be personalized by automatically adding a chosen pattern and a color.

Such technology also gives a possibility to make the cast very light and waterproof, thus improving the comfort. Moreover, when the cast is removed four to six weeks later, the patient is completely healthy and requires no further treatment. The EXO splint is then shredded, and its recycled material can be used for making new casts. EXO project has participated in Dutch Design Week (2013), Milan Design Week (2014), and New York Design Week (2014), among other exhibitions. The first EXO prototype was awarded with Good Design award in Lithuania (2014).